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  What's going on at Advertising Software 
  •  9th March 2015

    Advertising Software's client list is expanding - our first non EU client, located in Singapore, will be working with us soon.
  •  29th May 2012

    Working on an integration system between EasyProjects & Adsoft.
  •  23rd May 2012

    We have moved to a new location in New York - we get a glimpse of the Empire State Building every morning as we arrive for work.
  •  20th September 2011

    We have completed moving our hosted clients onto our new cloud based platform located in Ireland.
  •  23rd May 2011

    We will soon be moving our hosted clients onto a new cloud based server located in Ireland. This will provide improved performance for existing clients and allow Advertising Software to better manage future growth.
  •  26th January 2011

    We're preparing our first release for 2011. New features include resource allocation and artist fees. Why not contact us to see how we can assist your agency?
  •  1st October 2010

    We've been working on a secret project with a large London client which unfortunately we can't tell you about! It's almost as if there's a superinjunction! If you know what we're talking about, we hope you can keep the secret! Sshhhhhhh!
  •  29th March 2010

    Over a year since the last news item, but we have been busy improving Adsoft! Release 5.7.1.b is currently being prepared; a new report UK EC VAT Sales List will be useful for UK clients with EU sales - will allow you to directly upload EC sales data to UK Government. We're also getting ready to demonstrate the new expense claim processing system.
  •  1st March 2009

    Follow us on !
  •  1st August 2008

    The latest agency to start using Adsoft is . Alphabet advertising help create brands and show them at their best - through advertising, DM, brand consultancy and all things digital.
  •  29th April 2008

    We are pleased to announce that has chosen Adsoft as its Agency Management & Administration Software. Underwired* is the leading eCRM agency, with digital clients including Peugeot, Philips, Sun Bingo, Nickelodeon, The London Paper, P&G and AAR.
  •  2nd January 2008

    Advertising Software's client list is expanding. We welcome as our latest client and our first client in Scotland.
  •  1st December 2007

    Adsoft version 5.4.4 has now been released to the hosted clients and will be distributed to other clients over the next few weeks. Sarbanes Oxley compliance forms will be provided to those clients who require them in advance of the update. Contact Advertising Software for more information.
  •  1st October 2007

    We are extremely pleased to announce that is the latest agency to join the Advertising Software revolution.
  •  6th July 2007

    Adsoft version 5.4.3 has now been deployed to hosted clients and will be distributed to other clients over the coming two weeks. The new release contains many enhancements including links to Adsoft's online manual. Clients are advised to read through the release notes provided after login and to contact Advertising Software if there are any queries.
  •  14th May 2007

    An online manual for Adsoft will soon be available. This support website is password protected - the link to it in your copy of the Adsoft system (Support->Support Website) will contain the correct username & password for your agency.
  •  12th March 2007

    We are pleased to announce improved access speed for clients whose system is hosted by Advertising Software. The Adsoft System has been colocated in Redbus Sovereign House in London's Docklands - the heart of the internet in the UK. You can access the new faster service by clicking on the "Client Login" link above.
  •  5th March 2007

    Welcome to the new look website. Please have a look around. You can send your comments to : .
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