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  What if something goes wrong? 
No software is entirely bug free (indeed Java - the language that the Adsoft system is written in - is not licensed for the operation of nuclear facilities for exactly that reason - ) and any company who claims their software is error free is being disingenuous at best.
Having given you the disclaimer, let us assure you that Advertising Software work very hard to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum. The Adsoft system is self-monitoring - this means that if there is an error in the system, an email is sent back to Adsoft to let us know. Our support team can then look at the problem and see why it occurred.
If however you feel that the Adsoft system is not operating correctly, feel free to contact us via the link in your application (Support->Email). You can of course always pick up the phone and give the support team a call!
If you are looking for more information on how a function of the Adsoft system operates, you can connect to our support application via the link in your application (Support->Support Website) - the support web site is password protected; the link to it in your copy of the Adsoft system will contain the correct username & password for your agency.
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