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Time recording is a necessity in agencies today - whether you bill actual time spent on a project to your clients or if you use the information for later analytical purposes.
The Adsoft timesheet module offers daily, weekly & monthly views of your employees' timesheets.
Time entry is simple & fast. Entries can copied easily and a "suggested jobs" option is available in conjunction with electronic job bag. All the users' current projects are pre-selected - you just tell the system how long you spent on each one! An "alias" mechanism allows one user to input time on behalf of another.
Adsoft can also offer automatic reminder emails (when sufficient time has not been recorded for a certain number of days) sent to each employee. An administrator can be cc'd for monitoring purposes.
Do you have employees who are seriously deficient in their time recording? As a last restore these users can be locked out of the system until they have filled their timesheets.
The timesheet module is offered in conjunction with a suite of reports for analysis of time recorded by your employees - examples include a timesheet calendar, client time recovery & team list time analysis. Additionally, a flexible report creator can also be used to produce the data that you need to see. All time related reports can be viewed on screen, exported to Excel (for more analysis & manipulation) or delivered in PDF format for high quality printing or emailing.
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