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 job bag
  The Adsoft System 
We only work with advertising agencies.
By concentrating on this market sector, we deliver the tools you need to manage your core business of providing project based services to your clients.
The Job Bag is the heart of the system, allowing one screen access to all components of a project. This electronic workflow can be extended beyond your organisation to encompass your clients & suppliers.
The timesheet module is fully integrated with the job bag & the finance modules, allowing accurate time recording by employees - time can be optionally billed to clients using the information provided.
The finance module comprises Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets and Client Budgets. It is of course fully integrated with the job bag & timesheets modules.
Our ethos is to eliminate duplicate text entry between similar components - all areas of the system have an "import" facility to copy text and other relevant data where function specification allows.
  •  Multi currency

  • Multi currency is standard across the system. Both payables & receivables (and their associated job bag components) can be in a currency other than the default currency of your country. Default currency values of foreign currency debtors can be revalued based on updated exchange rates.
  •  Multi lingual

  • The system has ben designed from the ground up to operate in any language (although at the moment we only have experience of Roman alphabet based languages). Current languages available include English, French, Dutch, Spanish & Portuguese.
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