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Founded in 1991 Advertising Software is a software house specialising in providing bespoke and turnkey operational systems for Advertising Agencies and related industry companies.
The Adsoft system can be installed on your network in your office on a dedicated server (with remote management by Advertising Software using secure internet based communications - no more private leased lines or dedicated ISDN channels required) or accessed over the internet via our hosting service.
Larger agencies (50+ employees) will probably prefer the server installed on their network, allowing full dedicated access to Adsoft.
The hosted service (all communications between the server & user are SSL encrypted to prevent interception by third parties) allows agencies who would normally be considered 'too small' for a full service application to gain acceess to the powerful Adsoft system. All that is required is a broadband internet connection. Advertising Software takes care of everything else.
The Adsoft system runs entirely in your web browser either on PCs or Macs making administration simple for agencies. All you need is Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Safari on your workstation to access Adsoft. Imagine being able to access your data from anywhere in the world -- subject to an internet connected PC being available! As you are reading this information in a web browser then you already have all the tools you need to access Adsoft.
Advertising Software prides itself on the service it provides to its clients. Mutual understanding is the key to a beneficial & successful client/supplier relationship - we know all of our clients personally. We hope that we understand your business and have the solution to your operational issues.
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